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Deli Cold Cuts

In addition to kielbasa, the butchers at N&K Prime Marketplace produce artisan hams and smoked turkeys for sandwiches and party platters.  Try the smoky Babunia (Grandma’s) and Staropolska (Old Country) hams, or if you prefer, our baked Black Forest and Domowa (House) hams.  There are also chicken and pork pasztets (pâtés), salceson (head cheese), in-house roast beef, oven-roasted and smoked turkeys, spiced hams, various salamis, polędwica (smoked pork loins), and different types of bacons. 

Listed below is our in-store selection (*call for availability): 

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Smoky Babunia (Grandma's)
Staropolska Hams (Old Country)
Baked Black Forest
Domowa Hams (House) 
Chicken Pazlets
Pork Pazlets
Salceson (Head Cheese)
In-House Roast Beef
Oven-Roasted Turkey
Smoked Turkey
Spiced Hams
Smoked Pork Loins (Poledwica)
Various Bacons

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Butcher (31)_s.jpg

Place your order for delivery or takeout, please call us at 973-821-9430.

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