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Kielbasa and Smoked Meats

Kielbasa/Smoked Provisions

N&K Prime Marketplace butchers proudly produce their Polish kielbasa in house.  The kielbasa is fully cooked and prepared and can be eaten as soon as you buy it; or you can boil, cook, or grill it if you prefer. Kielbasa is traditionally paired with rye bread and spicy mustard (which is also in stock at N&K Prime Marketplace).

Listed below is our in-store selection (*call for availability): 

Kielbasa and Smoked Meats
Kielbasa and Smoked Meats
Kielbasa and Smoked Meats


Also known as “Hunter’s Sausage”; thin for snacking and traveling


Traditional ham-based kielbasa served during major holidays


N&K’s signature ham-based kielbasa; best-all around


Thick ham-based kielbasa usually cut as a cold cut and served in platters


Full-flavored uniform-ground kielbasa smoked longer for smokier flavor


Delicious uniform-ground smokier kielbasa for garlic lovers

Smoked Beef Jerky

As the name implies, flavorful beef smoked to produce a very tasty snack

Butcher (31)_s.jpg
Butcher (31)_s.jpg

Place your order for delivery or takeout, please call us at 973-821-9430.

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